About Us

Swing Gate Johannesburg

Trusted Swing Gate Service Providers in Johannesburg

Swing Gate Johannesburg was founded by John Baker in 1998 by a group of family members and friends who are qualified electricians, mechanical engineers, and staff members who work together to ensure that our quality of standards does not drop!

Our team of Swing Gate specialists are vetted to ensure that they will deliver the kind of quality and customer care services we have raised. With some of our most loyal engineers being with us for over 10 years we can assure you will get nothing but the best from them.

The Swing Gate Specialists You Need!

Swing Gate Johannesburg our specialists offer you everything you will need to succesfully build a swinggate that will ensure you and your family are protected from unwanted guests while ensuring your gate looks amazing:

  • Swing Gate Design:- We wil work with you to design a gate you have always been longing for, our affordable packages will cater for everything you need to have a new swing gate installed within a few days.
  • Custom Swing Gate:- If you are looking for a non-standard gate design you might want to look into getting a custom built swing gate that will meat all your design and functionality needs.
  • Swing Gate Servicing:- Our Swing Gate servicing will help you keep your gate looking and working great all throughout the year. Let us maintain your swing gate at the most affordable rates in the ccity!

Swing Gate Johannesburg has always been inspired by the needs of our customers because t has challenged us to offer more, to position ourselves better and to ensure that we are one a few that can offer you a full swing gate installation service at it’s best!

If you are looking to get your new swing gate installed this season than you better get in touch with Swing Gate Johannesburg for discounts that well save you a whole lot of money. Call us for a free quote to help you get started with your brand new swing gate today!